Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hugo's Cellar: A Resturant Review

Ever since Hell’s Kitchen has been on T.V., they’ve been serving beef wellington. Well, that is definitely not something I’ll be trying anytime soon, because I’ve yet to see a gluten free puff pastry (if anyone does know of a gluten free puff pastry recipe—please let me know I’ve got a ton of ideas….but no way to execute them). Anyway, my husband mentions every single time that they cook the wellingtons that he wants to try one. After all, they must be great if people order them so frequently (because Hell’s Kitchen is a reality show, so they must be “real” people).

Apparently, beef wellington is not something many steak houses have on the menu anymore. I came to the conclusion that beef wellington must be a throwback to the good ol’ days of steak houses where the walls were dark, the lighting dim and all the waiters were men. I must have been right because I found a restaurant in Las Vegas that has beef wellingtons on the menu (as well as a close gluten free cousin, beef tournedos). Hugo’s Cellar in the Four Queens on Freemont Street is a restaurant that you have to experience when you visit Las Vegas.

When you walk in (if you are a woman) the hostess gives you a long stem red rose. Once seated, there are individual bud vases for you to put your rose in while you eat. It is a nice touch and a great way to start off a meal. Hugo’s Cellar is really in the cellar of the casino, to get to the restaurant, you walk down a flight of stairs (there is also an elevator if needed). Soon after sitting down the waiters continue the rose theme with decorative butter!

The food was pretty darn good. The first course is a tableside salad (the waiter even knew exactly what I meant when I said gluten free and mentioned that the plates typically came with a baked tomato topped with bread crumbs on it and he would have them not put one on my plate). The salad had mini shrimps and anchovies that you could add on for NO additional charge. By the way, anchovies are amazing despite what you might have heard to the contrary! My steak was cooked perfectly (nice and rare, red and warm in the center). To round out the meal, they serve chocolate dipped fruits (long stem strawberries, figs, and dried apricots) with fresh whipped cream. YUM!

Hugo’s Cellar is well worth the trip downtown. The atmosphere is great, the food is tasty, and the service is amazing. Definitely a place I’ll be returning to again.


  1. I love reading your recipes. Here is a blog post I just did on GF pancakes!



  2. Those pancakes look great! I typically use a gluten free flour mix by Bob's Red Mill for all my baking needs. Have you tried that with your pancakes? Thanks for reading!



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